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Lake Tarpon is situated in North Pinellas County just a few miles from the city of Tarpon Springs, is regarded as one of the top sport fishing lakes in Florida. It is renowned for its trophy-sized largemouth bass; ten-pound bass are not an unusual catch!

Most weekends the lake hosts expert Bass Tournaments however only a few knowledgeable guides fish the lake, and they encourage their customers to take pictures, not trophies.

For many years Lake Tarpon has held the Florida state record for largemouth Bass with a 19.6 pound fish that was caught using a live eel for bait.

The lake is nearly nine miles from end to end, covering a total over 2,500 acres, with lots of fishing opportunities; from deep-water holes to shallow grass beds. In addition to largemouth Bass the lake also has a thriving population of Bluegill, Black Crappie, Blue Tilapia, Catfish and Sunfish.

Largemouth Bass from Lake Tarpon Florida

In July 1992, the daily bag limit for largemouth bass was reduced from ten to five, and only one of the five may be over 22 inches long. This more conservative fishing regulation, together with environmentally minded angling has helped preserve the stock and thereby improve the overall quality of bass fishing in Lake Tarpon.

Two county parks border the lake, to the east John Chestnut Park and to the west A.L. Anderson Park. These parks form a natural complement to the tranquility of the lake and provide numerous comfort areas and, if needed, shelter from inclement weather for boaters and fishermen.

Both parks offer an abundance of recreational facilities including picnic areas with grills, play equipment, walking and cycling trails, and boat launching facilities. Anderson Park is characterized by hilly terrain, wooded areas, and beautiful vistas overlooking Lake Tarpon and Salmon Bay - an ideal location for family and friends to wait for the return of their trophy fisherman.

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